Doctor Who

BA024_TIMEWARRIOR_front (1)I have written several magazine articles and now one book on the Doctor Who series and its fandom. The Black Archive 24: The Time Warrior was published in October 2018 and is now available from its publisher, Obverse Books. This title considers the first story of the 1973/74 run of Doctor Who and how its central adventure story was shaped by British ambiguities concerning the Second World War, the end of empire and the embroiling of the dominant western power, the United States of America, in the Vietnam War, and the limitations of introducing a feminist heroine, new companion Sarah Jane Smith, into a series dominated by the charismatic masculinity of the Doctor as played by Jon Pertwee. It also considers the portrayal of history in the series, in this case a medieval England inspired less by historical events than by earlier depictions of period in Gothic and Romantic fiction and film and television swashbucklers.

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